When We Manage the PMP Exam as A Project

When We Manage the PMP Exam as A Project - When We Manage the PMP Exam as A Project

From the perspective of the project manager, everything can be seen as a project. The Project Management Professional (PMP)® is no exception. Today, I will take the PMP as an example to explain project management.

“Preparing for PMP” is a predictive project with clear time nodes and objectives, which can be divided into several stages: start-up, planning, implementation, monitoring, and end.

The Start-up Stage

In the start-up stage, we have identified the stakeholders in this project: PMI. As for the project charter, just understand the background of PMP.

PMP examination is organized and written by PMI (Project Management Institute of America) to strictly evaluate whether the knowledge and skills of project management personnel have high-quality qualification examinations. China International Talent Exchange Foundation is the only domestic organization that organizes this examination and certification and connects with PMI. If the exam fails, there will be a chance to make up the exam, and the make-up fee is USD387.4407. The examination time is 4 hours, a total of 200 single choice questions, the system selected randomly 25 questions that were not included in the total score, in the remaining 175 points to answer 106 questions can pass the exam.


After determining the need to prepare for PMP, we can prepare some plans and then judge them from the perspectives of scope, progress, and cost.

Scheme 1: Self Study

I think this kind of plan belongs to hell, the difficulty is and the risk is the highest, it is suitable for the students who have a certain theoretical basis, and it is not too hard to learn. The advantage is that the cost of single test preparation is the lowest, only including the teaching materials and the examination registration fee. But we need to have a strong ability of information collection and self-discipline, make plan progress, and do PDCA in each milestone.

Scheme 2: Self Study + Guidance

If a friend has passed the PMP examination, and he also has a certain theoretical basis. Then we can consider this kind of scheme. Please let him give some guidance and supervision to you during the test preparation period, or give you the learning materials before the exam preparation. The passing rate of this method is higher than that of the scheme. After all, there are successful cases for reference. Just need to increase the cost of a night snack or two.

Scheme 3: Training Institutions

This method belongs to the risk mitigation strategy, which dilutes the risk of failing the examination through training institutions. Training is generally divided into two modes, online training class, and face-to-face class. The training cost of an online class is about USD310.203, while the cost of a face-to-face class will be higher.

Scheme 4: Buy PMP Dumps

This method is the simplest and the easiest to pass the exam. I recommend SPOTO dumps, which are cover 100% real PMP exam.

Risk Strategy

During this period, there may be some risks in work and family. Countermeasures can consider risk mitigation or risk transfer. If you work overtime all the time and can’t participate in the live teaching of the online class on time, you can watch the video playback to learn or use WeChat group communication to reduce the risk.

This stage is mainly to monitor the whole process of learning. If scheme 3 is selected, project Party B (the training institution we choose) will track and check the quality/progress of our whole learning process through regular assessment and random sampling to ensure that our learning meets the expectation. At the same time, we also need to monitor the process through a variety of ways, whether we spend a lot of time studying a noun mentioned by teachers have mentioned in the classroom; Whether we have fully understood the training course and question answering contents; Whether the problems left in the previous courses have been solved; Whether there is regular review; Is it possible to let the wife do the task of helping the baby while applying the mask while balancing the resources, etc.

The core of the closing stage is the examination. If the whole learning process is completed according to the plan of the training institution, the only concern is how many A (Above Target) can be obtained. Just relax and deal with it with all your strength.



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