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custom css 800x400 - Custom CSS for the WordPress Admin

Custom CSS for the WordPress Admin

Sometimes when working on a WordPress site, We need to add custom CSS to the WordPress admin area and also wants to store all our custom style in a separate file to keep our customization safe from overwriting code due to the theme update etc.

So here’s 2 steps, how we

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Reasons to Choose PHP for Developing Website, 2016

Why use PHP or Reasons to Choose PHP ?

  • in PHP

Internet has reached more than a billion websites, and it still continues to be the main source of getting the information of our requirement. Websites now have become more dynamic and less static. If you are looking to create dynamic functionality for a web site, there are no shortage of

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Add And Subtract PHP Dates

  • in PHP

Date function is a very important function in any technology and in PHP it is quite easily understandable and In this post we are going to learn how to add days, weeks, months, year in PHP.

Adding dates is easy in PHP and once you come to know this you don’t

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